John R Fletcher F.R.A.S. Mount Tuffley Observatory.Gloucester.UK

IAU CODE J93. 357.7426 0.61927 +0.78255

Hello, I am an amateur astronomer and I live in Gloucester UK. My main interests in astronomy are the search for near Earth asteroids, supernova and I image deep sky objects. I record objects down to 19th magnitude using a Starlight Express CCD camera. The camera is linked to the prime focus of a robotic computerized Mead LX200 25cm F6.3 Schmidt Cassegrain reflector. I also do astrometric and photometric observational work on asteroids, comets and Quasars. The telescope is permanently housed in the observatory named Mount Tuffley Observatory ( MTO). I was honoured to have the observatory officially inaugurated by C4 TV astronomer and presenter Heather Couper.

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I dedicate this website to my close friend Patrick Moore

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Update information on latest observations and articles. Double Rainbow from Mount Tuffley Observatory. 08th May 2011.

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