John R Fletcher F.R.A.S. Mount Tuffley Observatory.Gloucester.UK

IAU CODE J93. 357.7426 0.61927 +0.78255

Hello, I am an amateur astronomer and I live in Gloucester UK. My main interests in astronomy are the search for near Earth asteroids, supernova and I image deep sky objects. I record objects down to 19th magnitude using a Starlight Express CCD camera. The camera is linked to the prime focus of a robotic computerized Mead LX200 25cm F6.3 Schmidt Cassegrain reflector. I also do astrometric and photometric observational work on asteroids, comets and Quasars. The telescope is permanently housed in the observatory named Mount Tuffley Observatory ( MTO). I was honoured to have the observatory officially inaugurated by C4 TV astronomer and presenter Heather Couper.

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I dedicate this website to my close friend Patrick Moore

Mount Tuffley Observatory and "The Moore"12.5 inch reflector. "The Solar System: Near Earth Asteroids and Comets".
"Autobiography"Including invites various Fireball of 1991 November 8th. Picture and Details.
Go to School visits ( Pictures ). Educate our children. Polaris. N-Pole Star and the "engagement ring".
Observing at the Lick Observatory on Mt Hamilton. C.A. Double Rainbow from Mount Tuffley Observatory. 08th May 2011.
Go To CCD Image Library."Deep Sky" Go to other Astronomy Links.
Update information on latest observations and articles. Venus and Mercury. Taken using Canon DSLR and standard lens.

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